About Charity Fast-track

Utopy’s flagship enterprise – Charity Fast-Track – is building a suite of blended learning products to transform the charity workforce from the inside-out; readying world-changers to do things differently.

Our Mission

Too often the social sector misses out on talented, impact-driven people, or fails to invest in their potential. 

We’re here to help. Our courses and our network let you discover what you’re here to do, get ready for opportunities, and hit the ground running.

Our Model

  • Provide affordable access for all learners
  • Offer flexible, mobile study to fit around life’s other challenges
  • Deliver practical and fundraising support for our partner charities – drive change and demonstrate impact while you learn
  • Promote a diverse workforce for diverse social needs
  • Grow a network of sector experts
  • Enable charities to recruit impact-ready professionals

Make changing the world your day job.

Whether you’re looking for your first charity job, considering a career change or at the start of a charity career, Charity Fast-Track helps you to train yourself impressive in your spare time. If this sounds like you…

Find your ‘How’

The charity sector is full of driven people who know why they do the work they do. We focus on equipping people with the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to translate that passion into real world impact.

We teach you to:

  • Apply professional skills within a charity context
  • Understand key charity sector roles, and the stories behind how social impact is made
  • Debate the key issues in charity and form your views on how we can all do better
  • Build your career pathway by learning from those already doing it

Taught by charity professionals

Every aspect of our training has been conceived, written and edited by charity professionals.

We seek out experts in a whole range of different fields to design course content and challenges that provide real professional insight and hands-on experience.

Find Your Tribe

online-learning encouragement

“There are some wonderful people studying this course.. The enthusiasm, passion and drive is mind blowing and I am super chuffed to be a part of it. The future seems a lot brighter knowing that people such as these are going to leading the way in charities. Well done CFT, much kudos.

Wulfric, 2019 Fast-Tracker

Embarking on a new career takes resilience and self-belief; nobody should face that alone. At every stage of Charity Fast-Track, you’ll be given the chance to connect with others on your journey and start building your charity sector networks. 

By joining one of our courses you’re joining a welcoming culture of peer support. 

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