Professional Charity Apprenticeship

The next stage of professional charity career development. We aim to launch this 12 month course in 2020. Register your interest to be notified when this course is ready.  


The next stage of Charity Fast-Track’s development is launching in 2020 with our newest course, aimed at unlocking talent for the charity sector through funded apprenticeship training. 

Since 2017 the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy scheme has made developing leadership skills affordable for businesses of all sizes, including charities. Until now, however, the social sector has struggled to find training that comprehensively prepares people for the specific demands of leading social change: the scale of missed opportunities is huge.

No more missed opportunities

With our expertise of training the brightest talents, equipping them with professional charity skills, we’re leading efforts to develop a charity apprenticeship programme that is fit for purpose. We want to see a sector where all charities can access high quality, low cost training to embed professionalism and purpose into every aspect of their social mission.

We’re looking for organisations who can demonstrate that specialised training for staff in Charity Team Leadership would increase their social impact. We’d love to hear how you think 12 months of free, Level 3 apprenticeship would make a difference to the work you do and the development of your staff.

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