Employee Training & Development

Last modified: 19-11-2019


In today’s modern, competitive work environment, employees need to replenish their knowledge and acquire new skills to do their jobs better. This is particularly important in the Progressive Sector; which tackles, challenges and changes the world. There’s a clear and growing need for more than just commitment and passion – the third sector needs highly-trained, skilled, ambitious people

As part of our vision for the sector we want our employees and partners to be representative of the diverse group of talented and ambitious people that the sector needs. Staff and stakeholders who understand the complexities of running a charity and have a greater sense of where they can best have an impact and where they can develop further.

Who we are

Charity Fast-Track (CFT) is an enterprise owned by Utopy, which is a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Additional information

If you’re considering applying for Charity Fast-Track or have any questions about ethical careers, contact us by email or phone here.

Last modified: 19-11-2019

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