Fresh Ideas, What if…

montage of successful charity apprentices
Charity Fast-Track celebrates the success of our apprentices and trainees

Utopy think we need to redefine what success looks like. We’re interested in building a world where the people we look up to most are those who improve and contribute to our society.

Aspirational career with a purpose
Is it aspirational to be a charity professional?

Utopy think we’d speed up progress if charity careers were more celebrated and competitive. We’re exploring ways to draw the brightest minds into careers where they can make the best impact on our society. We have set up enterprises such as Business Meets Philanthropy and Charity Fast-track – which help people to follow their passions and shape meaningful careers in an effective way.

old IT equipment for charity
Do charities have to struggle with outdated equipment and poorly trained staff?

Utopy believe that it’s damaging and restricting to charities when we demonise “admin costs” in the eyes of the public. Donors, charities and government need to take some responsibility for changing this story.

We’re interested in ideas that can scale across the sector, embedding changes for the long-term and supporting a system-wide shift.

Is it really efficient to get several charities to pitch to be your charity of the year every year? Are businesses getting the most out of these partnerships? Utopy think there might be better ways for businesses and charities to collaborate.

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Many social entrepreneurs and social impact investors struggle to measure the impact of their work. Large charities are the experts at this – so perhaps they should be paid to offer their expert advice?

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Utopy are working on a new way of training charity trustees, that we hope will attract more people to consider the role. We want to train trustees who think big, be bold and drive real change.

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