Fast-track Course Reviews

“The charity sector can feel large, overwhelming and impossible to get into. That is why Charity Fast-Track is so important - it's the only course of its kind, delivered by experts and with real, practical experience of what working for a charity is like. It gives you experience, confidence, and networking opportunities like no other. What are you waiting for?”
Beth, Charity Apprentice
“I just wanted to say thank you so so much for all your endless support and patience with me. I cannot express how much you, Rich and CFT as a whole has helped to get me here (dream job). I owe you and everyone a huge debt of gratitude for everything.”
Nicky D 2019 >> Partnerships Manager, NSPCC
Charity Fast-Track is an asset to my CV. It was a great conversation starter at my interview for my current job and it was valuable experience for my masters application. I have gained practical experience and theoretical knowledge which I can use to flourish my career.
Shahema, Charity Fast-Tracker 2017
Having Charity Fast-Track on my CV seems to have made such a big difference and I’ve had interviews for all the roles I’ve applied for
Laura, Fast-Tracker
"I can honestly say it's been one of the most enjoyable and useful courses that I've studied - in order to get a career in International Development."
Nikki, Charity Fast-Tracker 2017
"The first highlight of the year for me was to gain a placement with I was assisting Charity Concierge, working on volunteer recruitment, management and operations. This has been such a valuable experience, I've gained so many new skills and discovered a lot about my strengths and weaknesses."
Georgie Hepworth, Charity Fast-Tracker 2017
"I loved the fact that you were encouraged to be ambitious and creative throughout the tasks, and were really supported with helping make these exciting visions a reality. The fundraising module was so versatile - from running Harry Potter quizzes to recruiting and managing a team for my Under The Breadline challenge fundraiser."
Heather, Charity Fast-Tracker 2016
Our investment in Charity Fast-Trackers is an investment in the future of the charity sector.
Thomas Muirhead
The course content inspired me to think about and question certain approaches to charity work, and helped me to understand how ‘doing good’ is not always easy and straightforward. Fundraising tasks challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to raise huge funds for an amazing charity, and left me feeling like a local celebrity.
Tina Reuter, Charity Fast-Tracker 2015
ben profile photo
Charity Fast-Trackers’ entrepreneurial mindsets and desire to collaborate helps accelerate much-needed new money coming into the sector.
Ben Mason, Board Chair,
"Charity Fast-Track has taught me so much in such a short space of time. From the very first month I learnt things about the third sector that I wouldn’t have been able to anywhere else. In the first few months I started learning about the different types of fundraising, social enterprises, changes to legislation and attended the Bootcamp weekend where I met like-minded people and made friends I still talk to today"
Corrine, Charity Apprentice

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