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last modified: 14-09-2019

Quick summary:

  • Our content belongs to us unless we say otherwise, when we’ll give credit to others. Please don’t share our content with others.
  • We’ve set some fair conditions on how you can pass our courses, and the kind of behaviour we expect from people we work with. They help everyone reach their goals, including you. 
  • We’ve also set some rules on how we look after payments, and when people can expect a refund.
  • We’re asking for permission from you in order to use the feedback you give us
  • If you want to ask questions, raise a concern or make a complaint then please talk to us and we’ll try to help. Contact us via [email protected] 
  • If we ever change any of the terms and conditions we’ll let you know.

Full details:

Your Charity Fast-Track Terms of Service (“Agreement”)

Please read these Terms of Service completely regarding Charity Fast-Track which is owned and operated by Utopy CIC. This Agreement documents the legally binding terms and conditions attached to the use of Charity Fast-Track’s products and services.

By using or accessing CFT’s courses in any way, viewing or browsing the content, or making a purchase of content, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service.


All payments are due upon receipt. If a payment is not received or payment method is declined, the buyer forfeits the ownership of any items purchased. If no payment is received, no items will be made available.

Refund/Return Policy

Items (course content) are entitled to be refunded or returned based on complaint. If an item is unsatisfactory, a written explanation is needed before the item may be considered for a refund. Buyers must take into account the description of the item before requesting a refund. If the item matches the description by the seller and the buyer is unsatisfied, seller is not responsible for refund. Exchanges are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Use of the Learning Platform

The Canvas learning platform hosts discussion groups and commenting options, as well as the capacity for video and audio conferencing and peer learning / assessment. While we invite you to share your opinions and questions in this way, they must not be used to distribute spam messages, post commercial advertisements, or spread links to malicious or dangerous websites, or act in an abusive or bullying way to others.

We retain the right to moderate any comment or written content submitted to the platform and to remove any content we deem to have violated our policies.

Minimum technical requirements

It is the Learner’s responsibility to check the minimum technical specifications before purchasing any e-learning products. It is always recommended to use the most up-to-date versions and better connections. Visit the Canvas website to check basic computer system requirements to use Canvas.


All of the content contained on Charity Fast-Track’s learning platform is edited, checked, and verified for accuracy as much as it is possible to do so. However, we cannot guarantee either its accuracy or the safety of any external links it might contain. Charity Fast-Track, as well as its owners, affiliates, and contributing authors can therefore not be held responsible for any problems or damage that occurs as a result of making use of material contained on our site.

Links to Other Websites 

Our courses contain a number of links to other websites and online resources that are not owned or controlled by Utopy CIC

Utopy CIC has no control over, and therefore cannot assume responsibility for, the content or general practices of any of these third party sites and/or services. Therefore, we strongly advise you to read the entire terms and conditions and privacy policy of any site that you visit as a result of following a link that is posted on our courses.


The seller is not responsible for any health or safety concerns of learners taking part in Charity Fast-Track, other than:

  • Ensuring a safe working environment during Bootcamp or other facilitated activities relating to our courses.

Offline activities undertaken as part of the courses we provide (i.e. self-managed fundraising activities) are the responsibility of the individual learner(s).

Utopy CIC shares no responsibility for the safe use of its online content.

Governing Law

This Agreement is governed in accordance with the laws of The United Kingdom.

Intellectual Property

Charity Fast-Track and all of its original content are the sole property of Utopy CIC and are, as such, fully protected by the appropriate international copyright and other intellectual property rights laws.


Any and all of the original content presented on the learning platform is, unless explicitly stated otherwise, subject to a copyright held by Utopy CIC. The wholesale reproduction or partial modification of content is not permitted. Exceptions are granted only if you receive prior written consent from Utopy CIC.

Unlocking Content

Charity Fast-Track’s content is presented in a modular format and contains unlockable sections, only accessible upon completion of clearly labelled pre-resquisites. Utopy CIC reserves the rights not to provide content until learners complete these prerequisite tasks as part of their learner pathway.

Course Completion

Charity Fast-Track’s courses are completed based on clearly marked assessed tasks within the learning platform. Each course has its own time limitation for completion, deadlines for specific tasks, and minimum pass grades. Some of CFT’s courses contain practical fundraising tasks that must also be completed in order to pass the course (Charity Fast-Track: Foundation has a minimum fundraising target of £500, to be achieved by the end of course deadline). Subsequent support offered by Utopy CIC is dependent upon successful completion of courses.

Expectations upon learners

Learners are expected to complete the course within the specified learning terms. For Charity Fast-Track: Foundation this is 12 weeks from the beginning of the course.

Learners will be granted limited access to course content beyond the end of the course term at Utopy CIC’s discretion.

Whilst completing course activities Charity Fast-Track’s learners are expected to publicly represent the course and the institutions connected to it (sponsors, delivery partners) through their behaviour. Each learner has a responsibility to consider any reputational or individual risk caused by them whilst undertaking course-related activities.

Removal from courses

Utopy CIC reserves the right to remove access to content & courses from individual learners where they fall within breach of its terms and conditions.


An item may be cancelled up until payment has been processed. Once payment has been processed, the buyer is responsible for payment.


Utopy CIC reserves the right to terminate your access to the course material, without any advance notice.

Changes to This Agreement 

Utopy CIC reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time. We do so by posting and drawing attention to the updated terms on our learning platform. Your decision to continue to visit and make use of our content after such changes have been made constitutes your formal acceptance of the new Terms of Service.

Therefore, we ask that you check and review this Agreement for such changes on an occasional basis. Should you not agree to any provision of this Agreement or any changes we make to this Agreement, we ask and advise that you do not use or continue to access Charity Fast-Track course content immediately.


Any complaints about items or service may be sent to our support team: [email protected] or +44740 378 6822. There is no guarantee of a resolution. Each case will be looked at individually and responded to.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please feel free to contact us.

last modified: 14-09-2019

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