Trustee Week 2019

Today marks the final day of Trustees’ Week 2019. We’ve loved following #trusteeweek on Twitter, and seeing all the inspiring stories and resources that are being shared. 

We’ve collated some of the most useful, interesting stuff we’ve seen this week, in the hope it inspires you as much as it did us:

Our current learners have also been diving into the world of trusteeship as part of Charity Fast-Track: Foundation. This part of the course explores the basics of trusteeship and charity boards, and the key challenges the sector faces in relation to it.

There have been having some amazing discussions taking place between our learners, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite quotes from them as they reflect on their knowledge and experiences :

With regards to trusteeship, I definitely had the preconception that to be a trustee you had to be an expert in a required field, therefore likely to be senior in age, or a prominent donor (I have seen this in “traditional” charities and am not sure how commonplace it is across the sector). I had not considered that being a member of the community who the charity serves or is impacted by qualifies you as a candidate for trusteeship – even though this makes absolute sense. With these barriers removed trusteeship seems more accessible.

Now that I know more about charity boards and trusteeships, I can really see myself becoming a trustee. I am a planner at heart and love creating strategies – mainly marketing strategies but also general long term planning. The idea of governing and giving direction to a cause I am passionate about excites me. 

My experience of it is positive because you can really make a difference. It helps to have a broad mix of trustees, some with finance and managing skills etc, but also those from other backgrounds and who do it because they care. I was typically the youngest trustee, although I was fortunate to be included on very diverse boards. One of the roles provided great training and ongoing development, the other not so.