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Welcome to Charity Fast-track by Utopy. Smart, relevant, online training for the charity sector and beyond.

Our online courses help individuals and employers to maximise positive social impact and become better change-makers.

Whether you’re new to charity, an experienced social entrepreneur, or you want to up-skill your staff, we’re building a course for you.

We work with specialists from across the sector

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What Graduates Say

Taught by Real Experts

“I’ve loved watching the videos with those providing the lessons currently working within this field, which is really lovely as it really adds a personal and interactive level to the course”
Jordan G
2019 Fast-Tracker

Patient and Supportive

“I just wanted to say thank you so so much for all your endless support and patience with me. I cannot express how much you, Rich and CFT as a whole has helped to get me here (dream job). I owe you and everyone a huge debt of gratitude for everything.
Nicky D
Now a Partnerships Manager at NSPCC


“I don’t think that I would have considered going for this role had I not done the course and gained so much experience in fundraising and knowledge about the sector (something we talked about in the interview) so it’s really been life-changing for me.
Laura C
Now a Fundraising Analyst at
Alzheimer’’s Society UK


“I was so energised by those tasks I could barely sit down. Researching the issues and planning a strategy to make a difference made me feel very empowered and confident.”
Lindy B
2019 Fast-Tracker

What Employers Say

A Clear Return on Investment

We put all our new starters on a Fast-track course. It does the essential ground work so we can focus on supporting individuals in their specific roles. We are time-poor like all small charities and see a clear return on investment with the Foundation course”
Thomas Muirhead

Accelerate our staff’s ability to connect with the charity sector

a great way for our managers to develop personally and deliver positive impact for the organisation.”
Holly Casey
Operations Manager, Cahoots!

Greater Impact, Faster

“The Foundation course noticeably accelerated our new starter’s understanding of the sector. It has helped her grow in confidence in her work and deliver greater impact, faster.”
Emma Whelan

What Sponsors Say

Encourages Responsible Entrepreneurship

“Charity Fast-Trackers’ entrepreneurial mindsets and desire to collaborate helps accelerate much-needed new money coming into the sector.”
Ben Mason
Board Chair,